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Hello Lovelies!

thank you so much for stopping by & I hope you’re having a very happy Saturday. Over here Kelly & I have been having a pretty chill Saturday but also getting a few things done that we’ve needed to. How’s your weekend going?

I wanted to share this post today because I have been DYING to have a dinner party with my new pieces from Fete Home but Covid has had other plans. So instead of waiting to be able to have people over again Kelly and I decided to set our table with a yummy charcuterie board in the middle & have a dinner party just the two of us. Covid can’t stop us from having a dreamy dinner party!

The quality and beauty of these pieces are so amazing & I especially LOVE the green accents from our glass wear & the dessert bowls. I love the warmth of the placements I feel like it just really pulls the whole table together. The star Of the show though are these beautiful beaded plates. How pretty right?!?!

One day soon I hope we will be able to have our friends over for a dinner party but until that day kelly & I will keep pulling out these pieces from Fete Home get all dressed up and celebrate just the two of us.

happy Saturday beautiful! How have you been celebrating lately?

to shop this photo click any of the blue underlined words in this post or click here & it will bring you to to shop for these be pieces pictured and much much more!

xoxo Stef

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