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Life as a Mermaid | Designing Dresses with JessaKae

this was a dream... how do i even start?

i remember talking to kelly in the beginning of 2022 as we were building our vision boards for the year and i said out load "i want to design a dress for a company' this had always been something that i wanted to do and i thought how can i make this happen

i had been approached by other brands about this opportunity, but the timing never felt right or it never made it outside the group chat


so flash forward a couple months when i received a text from the founder and designer of JessaKae asking me if i would be open to the idea of designing a couple dresses for one of their collections

i felt like I was having an out of body experience reading the text and absolutely freaked out


i choose to be part of their ''under the sea'' collection and we immediately got to work, i started pulling together my ideas and sent them off for feedback, jessa knows what she is doing and over the next 9 months we got our samples back, started fit checks and choose our final selections

this has been a highlight of my life as a creator and i am forever blessed to be a part of this with jessa, her team and everyone at jessakae

if you're dreamer like me, life's to short to not go after your dreams, there is no better time than today to believe in yourself, and put yourself out there

remember you're beautiful and the world is lucky to have you



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