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Jag Jeans USA | a true to size fit

Okay ladies! I hope that you're having a great day. I am so excited to share my experience wearing Jag Jeans with you. As many of you know I have been wearing the new Cecila jeans from Jag Jeans for a couple weeks and to say that I am in love is an understatement. As a plus size woman I am always searching for the perfect fit and the sizing at Jag Jeans is perfectly on point. THEY RUN TRUE TO SIZE!!! It can be hard to find jeans or any clothes for that matter that run true to size and Jag has got it down to a science. Take the quiz to find your size. I love this pair of jeans because it compliments my body and hugs me in all the right places. There is even a little stretch that makes wearing them even better. The Cecilia is one of their new pieces and helps women like myself by; Smooths tummy Enhances natural shape Custom fits to your curves I am wearing the Cecilia skinny night breeze. Jeans are a perfect staple for any wardrobe and a must have for preparing for Fall, Winter, Spring, and even Summer. I can't wait to continue to wear the Cecilia and show you all the places we will go. Thanks for reading and go check our Jag Jeans for some awesome plus size options that run true to size.

Post Update: You all loved the Cecilia so much they are sold out. To get on the wait list click HERE xoxo Stefani Nicole

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