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Babe Lash

Warning: Results may cause spontaneous and joyful singing.

If your goal is to get lashes that look longer and fuller then I would 100% stand behind Babe Lash. I’ve been using this product myself for about 6 weeks now and my lashes look fuller than ever. I have naturally pretty long eye lashes but I have many friends and family members that struggle to grow their lashes. I wanted to try out this product because I knew if I could see a difference with myself then I could for sure recommend it to my friends and loved ones.

Now that I have gone through the process...

is it worth the investment?

The answer is YES!!

It totally works. It’s easy to apply and you see the results. Your dream lashes could be only weeks away!

Stefani Nicole Pro Tip: I would recommend setting an alarm to remind you to add this to your nightly routine, your lashes will thank you later.

Plus the packaging was seriously to die for which always makes me a sucker for products. The box it came in was personalized to me it had my name and the gold details were just lovely! I'm keeping it forever! Babe Lash gets the Stefani Nicole stamp of approval.

Ladies use code STEFANINICOLE for 20% off your order. This code expires August, 31st 2018! Click the link below to take the first step in becoming a Babe Lash Queen!

What are you waiting for babe?! Let’s LASH it up!

Thank you Babe Lash for sponsoring this post! #ad



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