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Hello, my friends!

Recently I had the great opportunity to interview a fellow curvy blogger, some of you may know her as Sassy Red Lipstick. To me, Sarah is the definition of what it means to be a total #bossbabe! Her and her husband, Robbie are all about giving back, and take pride in communicating with their amazing instagram and blogging community. I have seen this first hand. My husband on several occasions has reached out to Robbie, and he always finds the time to respond to his questions, give tips, and encouragement. I love that so much, no matter how busy they may seem they are still willing to take the time and help those around them. These are the type of people that I gravitate towards.

I have featured Sarah a few times on my stories. I did a blog post about accounts I love awhile back, and Sarah always takes the time to say thank you. So needless to say when Sarah posted on her stories that she was going to do some interviews with bloggers I freaked out because first, this was the opportunity for me to interview someone I look up to, and second I was praying that I was not to late and missed the boat.

When I heard back from her via email I called my husband practically screaming, "KELLY! SASSY PICKED ME!"

Sarah Tripp has been working for years through various outlets to inspire and uplift women everywhere to love the skin their in. She is known for saying on more than one occasion, "You are not your size". YES GIRL! I totally agree with this! To everyone reading this... Yes YOU, You my friends are not your size. You have a size, and it helps you find clothes that will fit you faster, but you are most certainly not your size. This is a huge deal to me because as you know Self love and being body positive is a passion of mine, and loving every little thing about yourself doesn't happen overnight, but it can happen and it does happen a little at a time.

For heavens sake, life is to short its important that we take time to #embraceyourbase.

Sarah and Tripp are the ultimate power couple, and below I've linked one of the posts that really had people falling in love with them. Robbie shares his feelings about Sarah curves and all.

Robbie works proudly by her side but also works on amazing projects of his own. He recently wrote a book called, Create Rebellion, its all about "creative minds listening to their inner desire to create" You should give it a read!

Okay now, lets hear from the queen herself with her thoughts on body positivity and fashion.


First things first.. Chanel or Gucci. Jk that is a very hard question.


Haha I love this so I’m going to answer it! My answer is always Chanel. I’ve read so many books about Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and love how inspiring she is as a fashion icon. She was very unconventional and before her time. She obviously left an incredible legacy and I just connect with Chanel’s feminine, timeless pieces so much. So as much as I love my Gucci and Louis Vuitton, Chanel will always be my go-to.

Me: (For real this time) How do you stay up to date on the latest fashion trends?


I’ve always had such a passion for personal style so I am always reading up and shopping the latest trends. Social media has made it so easy to follow high fashion accounts and be tuned into the latest updates. Also, I’ve followed fashion blogs since high school. Even though my style has evolved over the years, my passion has remained. Robbie always laughs at how my laptop always has at least 10 tabs up with carts full on each site haha. I just love fashion and everything about it!

Me: If you're running late and you only have 5 minuets to pull a look together what is your go to product/accessory that makes you feel put together?

Sarah: I’d have to say eyelash extensions! I haven’t used mascara in a while and it’s so nice to be able to have no makeup on and still look put together. It definitely saves me a lot of time getting ready.

Me: Who are your fashion icons?


Well, besides the obvious answer of Coco Chanel, I look up to boss babes like Reese Witherspoon, Julia Engel, Lauren Conrad, and Ashley Graham, to name a few. I love each one of these women have not only been so successful in their careers but have built incredible brands with many different endeavors. I draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere but these women always seem to motivate me.


What have you personally learned from fashion?

Sarah: Confidence is the best accessory! It’s not about how much your clothes cost or anything like that, it’s about how you feel in them! I’ve always said that my main goal with Sassy Red Lipstick is to help women understand that having style is just as much about confidence as it is about fashion.

Me: How does your fashion/style promote being body positive for you?

Sarah: I like to use my style to accentuate my curves and show that women of all shapes and sizes can be fashionable! I think a lot of curvy women feel like they can’t be as cute or beautiful as the women they see on magazine covers but that is so not true. Once you learn to love and accept your body, you will naturally start to dress so you look and feel your best!

Me: What does body positivity mean to you?

Sarah: It means everything to me! I blogged for a couple years before I realized that I wanted to do so much more than just post about pretty clothes. I wanted to help and empower women. By sharing my self-love journey, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with so many amazing women and girls around the world. By being open about your struggles as well as rocking your confidence, you can inspire others to love themselves!


Who are your body positivity role models?

Sarah: Long before she became my friend, my role model was Iskra. She is such a gorgeous women who is breaking so many boundaries in the modeling and fashion world. She is always so positive and inclusive and I’ve always admired that. Then, as I got to know her personally, I learned that she is every bit as kind and humble as her posts show. She is such an inspiring woman and I’m so happy to call her a friend.

Me: What do you do if fear steps in when wearing a swimsuit or a bold outfit outside of your comfort zone?

Sarah: We’ve all been there! Even to this day there are times where I find myself listening to that nagging voice of self-doubt. There’s no quick fix, other than being kind to yourself and trying to love yourself a little more each day. That’s all you can do. Also, I find it helps to realize that you are your own worst critic! It’s so easy to feel like you’re on the spot when you’re in a swimsuit at the beach or pool, but you’re not! Everyone is doing their own thing and having fun. Stop worrying about how you think you look and let your hair down and have a good time!

Me: The world is slowly changing their ideals on what beauty is. What inspired you to embrace yourself fully and then pay it forward by inspiring others to love themselves as well?

Sarah: We have come such a long way in society and it’s exciting to see. We are seeing more representation in marketing campaigns and fashion runways, and brands are extending their sizes! There so many empowering women who are paving the way for curvy women to be seen as sexy and fashionable. Sharing my self-love journey has been the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done and it’s helped me to realize that pretty much all women deal with the same issues of self-doubt. Once we all realize that we are all valuable and that we are so much more than the sizes we wear or the clothes we buy, we will be so much happier.

We all have a lot to celebrate whether you're a blogger, a mother, a sister, or a friend. We all have the opportunity and unique privilege to uplift and support people everywhere in their own self love journey. Wherever you are in your own journey I hope that if you took one thing from this interview I hope that you know how valuable you are and that confidence is the best accessary for successful happy life. To read another interview about Sarah and Robbie click here.

Thanks for reading loves!


Stefani Nicole

ALL Photos were provided with curtesy by Sarah Tripp owner of Sassy Red lipstick


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