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The Zen Spot

Couples Workshops Looking for the ultimate date night? They’ve got you covered! The couples workshops are a unique way to experience the joy of giving and receiving therapeutic touch as partners, whatever your skills and comfort levels. They offer both group and private instruction, and tailor each class to ensure you both have a wonderful experience. Click here to schedule your class

We loved our class and are looking forward to going back and learning more. We loved the things we learned and have actually applied some of them at home. Use code STEFANI and get $5 off your class! The class is only $35 and its worth every penny and then some! Seriously recommend taking this class! Its a super chill environment and very relaxing.

How to Find them:

The Zen Spot is located at 55 N University Avenue, Suite 214 in Provo (Directly above The Bell Room, in the same building as The Black Sheep Cafe, Rockwell Ice Cream and Station 22). Take a left from the second floor elevator, then straight down the hall and you'll run right into our Zen.

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