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Date night ideas

1 – Have an at home ice cream bar with a movie. Go all out on the topping selection! 2 – Eat breakfast in bed. Or make breakfast dinner – which ever you two prefer. 

3 – Turn your living room into an indoor picnic. Spread a blanket and bring a basket packed with snacks! 4 – Learn how to to massage each other. Ahhhhh, there’s nothing like a nice back rub after a long day. Watch a few videos on YouTube or read a beginners book to learn some massage techniques to use on your significant other. 

5 – Try a new recipe together. Maybe pick one that is normally out of your pallet ranges? 6 – Take turns reading a book to each other. When was the last time someone read a book to you? Depending on the book choice, it can be awfully romantic at home date idea. 7 – Get to know each other better with a questionnaire. How much do you really know about your partner? Find out by creating questionnaires for each other to fill out. Here are 200 ideas for questions to ask. 8 – Come up with a new virgin cocktails using on the mixers you have on hand. In our case this would be mixing soda!  9 – Go Glamping indoors – s’mores dip included! 10 – Eat dinner and have a relaxing bath together all by candle light. This at home date night idea is simple. But, sometimes simplicity is all you need to have a good time. 11 – Each take a personality test and then compare your results. I always find these to be surprisingly accurate! 12 – Create your own mini golf course. Use objects from around the house to make a mini golf course. Have fun trying to beat the other at it! 

13 – Finger paint portraits of your partner. Keep your painting a secret until you both finish and then laugh at the results! 14 – Bake your favorite treats together. Making cookies, cinnamon rolls or other yummy baked goods are a great way to bond with your loved one. 

Plus: Baking leaves open an opportunity for a food fight! 15 – Have a Nerf or marshmallow shooter fight. You can make your own marshmallow shooter with this tutorial. 16 – Play Jenga. 17 – Play truth or dare: couples edition. Print this pre-made game for a entertaining and romantic night with your partner. 18 – Make it a group date and host karaoke night at your place. Karaoke versions of songs can be found on YouTube! A perfectly inexpensive way to have fun with an at home date night. 19 – Cook mini heart shaped pizzas  20 – Buy a giant puzzle from a second hand store and see how far you can get on it. Sip tea and enjoy snacks while you do. 21 – Complete a yoga session together. Getting your sweat on together is another frugal at home date idea. You can find lots of guided yoga on Youtube! 22 – Exchange pedicures with each other. Break out some foot scrub, moisturizing lotion and some nail polish. Give your best at home pedicure experience! You can use clear polish on your man if color bothers him! 23 – Blind taste testing. Have one of you wear a blind fold, while the other feeds you food you have on hand. 

See if you can guess what it is! 24 – Learn a new skill together. Knitting, wood working, a new language, hand stands… …again, YouTube is great resource for this! 25 – Recall embarrassing moments from your past. 26 – Have a spa night. This at home date idea is a more involved version of the pedicure idea. Use face masks, foot & hand scrubs and take an indulgent, couples bubble bath. Sugar scrubs are super easy to DIY and they use common household items. 27 – Play would you rather. You can come up with your own questions or get ideas from a deck of pre-made questions. Either way: a great conversation starter! 28 – Have a movie marathon with popcorn. You could choose a series of movies (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc.) or you could alternate watching each of your favorite movies. 29 – Play video games. Have your significant other show you their favorite game, a childhood favorite or what they’re into now. 30 – Learn a dance routine together. Pick a type of dance you both are up for learning, it could be salsa, hip hop, belly dancing, etc. Then, spend a night learning the moves (think YouTube videos)! 31 – Come up with a bucket list together. What things do you want to do in your lifetime? Write them down along with your partners goals. 

32 – Watch a sports game – complete with wings and soda If your boyfriend or husband is into sports he’ll definitely appreciate an at home date night like this! For those who aren’t so savvy on sports, this can be a time to learn more about his favorite pastime. 33 – Online window shop together. Combine your love of shopping with a fun game! You could both compete to see who can find the “best” gift for the other in just 15 minutes. Or, see who can find the strangest items for sale on eBay. The best part is: You don’t need to buy any of it, just have fun sharing your weird and wonderful finds with your date. 34 – Have a fondue night. Can’t go wrong with a food themed at home date idea! Cheese or chocolate fondue, you can dip anything you want. 35 – Make and bury time capsules together. How fun are these to dig up later? You could even set a date in the future to uncover your treasures. 36 – Play the Newlywed or Not-So-Newlywed Game. 37 – Have a conversation while using Adult Coloring Books. There’s something just soothing about coloring. Enjoy a relaxing night with your partner while coloring away the stress. 38 – Play a game of MASH for old times sake. Not sure you remember how to play?

39 – Pet sit at home for a friend. If you don’t have a pet yourself, pet sitting for a friend can be a real treat! Take fun status update pictures with their pet, to let them know how they’re doing. 40 – Go all out and make an epic pillow fort. Round up all your chairs and sheets to make the most impressive fort you can. After you’ve completed your masterpiece, you can both get comfy inside with a movie. 41 – Surprise order in food. Order your husband or boyfriends favorite take out food. Then, let me them know with a note that a surprise will be arriving for them. 42 – Have a YouTube scavenger hunt. This at home date idea is easy and fun!

43 – Enjoy meat, cheese crackers & sparkling cider. Buy a deli platter from the store or make your own assortment of cheese, crackers and meats.

44 – Play a card game. Uno, Slapjack, Poker…. There’s nothing like an old past time to bring out the competitive side in you both! 45 – Tell ghost stories in the dark. Break out some candles or a few flash lights, and try to scare each other with your best ghost stories! Don’t have any good ones? Read each other the best ones you can find with an internet search. 46 – Compete against each other in a game of “Chopped”. Ever watch that TV show called Chopped?

47 – Take a night to share old pictures of yourself and family. From childhood and generally from before you met your significant other. 48 – Have craft project night. Pick one of the countless Pinterest crafts you have saved! 49 – Bundle up under blankets together and star gaze. See how many constellations you can pick out while you enjoy each others company. 50 – Plan a weekend getaway.

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