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Pretty in Pink

Hey there pretty ladies, and handsome fellows! Hope all is well for you. I decided to do a little blog post on some Valentine’s Day outfit ideas. They’re all pretty different from each other but I wanted to give a good variety. The first look is a dress I bought from torrid. It’s flowy, has a soft shape and has a very feminine feel. I love the way this dress highlights my waist and then fans out around my hips. The velvet pink shoes I bought from the clearance section at Target. They were only $11 so go buy them and hopelly your target still has some because they are so comfy and so flirty! They were the perfect addition to this feminine look. 

The second Valentine’s Day look is a fun edgy spunky look, but it’s still a skirt so it’s still got that feminine quality. The top with the lips is a classic valentines shirt. What I like specifically about this one is that it’s got small holes in it giving it that edgy vibe. The cheetah print skirt is so fun and can be paired with so many different tops, but I loved these two together. They both are currently on sale at Torrid if you want them. They are in the buy one get one section. 

 For this third look I wanted to do a casual valentines look. Pretty much you can add denim to anything and it dresses it down (in a good way) or if you want to dress it up I could add a black coat or a blazer. In this look I paired it with tennis shoes and some black leggings but the red velvet dresses the causal look up a bit. It’s a fun playful valentines look that you’d be able to do anything your date plans for the two of you! A fun red, or pink lip always finishes off every look or even just a pretty gloss. Hope you have the best time planing your outfit for Love day! Thanks for reading!! 


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