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Hey y'all I've been thinking a lot lately about my relationships with other people. Their opinions of me and my opinions of myself. Isn't it amazing how the things people say to us or about us can totally kill our mood for hrs. Or on the other hand makes us feel like mermaids! (Mermaids meaning awesome) The older I've gotten the more in control of my emotions I've become, and I spend less and less time letting other peoples hurtful comments control how I feel. (not even close to being perfect at this though) Even if nobody says anything negative to me oftentimes my own thoughts hold me back from so much. I've stopped myself many times from participating in activities, wearing certain trends, or even in relationships because of my own insecurities. WHY DO I DO THAT? This year I've pledged to myself that I will do things that make me uncomfortable. I'll step outside of my comfort zone and breakthrough those insecurities. Yesterday I wore a swimsuit without a coverup. No shorts, and no skirt. When I first put it on I kept thinking over and over again in my mind about how many people I was potentially going to offend today by wearing this out in public. I was terrified mostly of someone saying something hurtful. I thought of all the terrible things that could happen today because of a stupid swimsuit and I shoved it all down into the back of my mind, sucked it up, and did it anyway. You know what happened? I'd just walked out to the spa and was admiring the beautiful Utah landscape. I was scanning the hot tub to see which side I could get in without having to get too close to anyone and what the best route was for making sure I remained unseen by as many people as possible. I'd been in the hot tub for exactly 30 seconds when a woman in her mid 30's said "Hey, cute swimsuit" and that was that. I said thank you and silently thought to myself WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! Why did I spend so long thinking about all of the negative things that could happen instead of just jumping into life with both feet. Happy people spend their time happy. I am happy most of the time when I'm comfortably in my zone but I guess what I'm trying to say is life outside of my zone today was pretty fabulous and I look forward to trying even more things that make me nervous. I didn't feel fabulous the whole time I was in my "Coverless suit" but I did feel like it was about time I pushed through those insecurities and #Embracedmybase

Lets love ourselves more this year, be more kind, and live the life you've always wanted to live cause darlin, you're enough. You're worth it, and you deserve it. Let’s #Embraceyourbase

Thanks for reading loves.

Stefani Nicole

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