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Joyful Journals

Happy Holidays beautiful people! Only 8 more days until Christmas, but I have to say this weather we are having here in Utah is making it feel more like November. Guys I'm so so so excited about this post because I'm talking/sharing about something I really love and I'm sure you'll all love them too. I'm not going to lie I'm kinda the worst at keeping up with a journal. I want to be better, and sometimes I go on streaks where I'm really great at it and then other times I go 5 years on a complete dry spell. Like my journal doesn't even know my husband exists. How awful is that?! I have the worst memory and I feel like journal keeping could really help with that but being consistent with a journal seems like a overwhelming task. Like do I have to catch up on all of those years I didn't record. Cant I just put a link in my journal to my instagram and have that count for something? I mean it is the 21st century right?! Well as overwhelmed as I feel when I think about catching up on my journal I am relieved when I think about what @ joyfuljournals is doing for journaling. It makes me want to start singing! She has put together several types of journals that make journaling simple, easy, and so much fun! The journal I have is called Merry Christmas- A Holiday Journal. The best part is that it has questions that prompt what you should write throughout the pages AND there are only 4 pages you need to fill out for each year. Its totally doable and I still feel like I'm keeping a good record. It's so much fun to fill out and I'm looking forward to next year when we can look back on the lovely memories we created this year and reminisce the traditions and special moments that were made.

When you open the book you are prompted to fill in who the book belongs to. The next page there is a spot designated for your Christmas card! It's so much fun to have a place where that is documented because with my track record this years Christmas card would be lost by January 15th. The next place on the page to fill out you are able to talk about your Christmas tree. What it looks like, who helped decorate, and the details you want to remember. There is even a place where you can keep a picture of your tree. We used a polaroid camera to take pictures of our trees. (yes! we have two) there are a few other questions and details to fill out. There is a spot to talk about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. (so we haven't completed that part yet) Then the last page you're able to fill in about tradition what you want to keep doing and talk about what made Christmas special this year. The last thing to fill out is what your favorite recipe from the season.

I LOVED that there were prompts on what to write. I have the toughest time coming up with what to say in my journals and I feel like having the questions in there already is super helpful! I'm a busy lady and it makes it convenient. I also love that it's super simple to fill out. It's such a good investment and Katie from @joyfuljournals has done such an amazing job putting these together. What I also love about this journal is that every year at the end of the holiday season I can pack it up with the Christmas decor and then the next year pull it out again. The books cover the span of 15 years and It's for sure a tradition we will look forward to for years to come. As our family grows it will be fun to track, and see what new traditions we add, how our tree decor changes, and what makes each Christmas special from year to year. Thank you @joyfuljournals for making my life a little easier and for helping me keep this timeless record for our family. It's something we will treasure and cherish forever.

Now I have some amazing news for you. Katie is giving an amazing discount to my friends, family, and readers. HOW AWESOME IS SHE?? No code needed when checking out the discount is already applied. Trust me you want to get one of these. They're even a great gift! You wont be disappointed and your loved ones will love this keepsake . Click on any of the bold letters (keepsake, or joyful journals and they will take you to the website where you can buy these beauties) 

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