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All the stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Hey y’all! Can you believe it’s almost December?!  I’m so excited to celebrate over the next few weeks with family, and friends. I’ve been thinking a lot about gifts and gift giving lately, and rightly so but it can become a little overwhelming when you start to think about what you’re getting for everyone on your list. For me there is my husbands side of the family my side, co workers and friends. Thankfully on both my side and my husbands side we draw names for siblings so it does condense the list quite a bit. 

I think one of the hardest things I run into is what do you buy for people who have it all. Or people who buy everything they need for themselves. (This is mainly our parents)this makes gift giving a little more tricky. I always want the gifts I give to be thoughtful and something the gift receiver will use. 

There is nothing worse than buying a gift that the receiver won’t ever use. First of all it was a waste of money, second it was clearly not something they liked. It’s seriously my worst nightmare!  So let’s take a closer look and figure out what types of gifts may be a big hit with our loved ones every time.  

I’m going to mainly hit on stocking stuffers today (Mostly directed at adults) I’m only in charge of my husbands stocking so I’ll share a few ideas I hope help if you’re struggling with what to get your hubby + a few ideas for your wife! 

Stocking stuffer ideas for him:



•pocket knife 

•beef jerky 



•dental floss



•manly bandaids 

Stocking stuffer ideas for her:  

•Nail polish

•makeup brushes

•cute holiday socks 








This link has good ideas for both men and women.  

Below I put a link to a blog where a man wrote what he likes to see in his stocking on Christmas morning. Hope these help!  

This year my husband and I are only exchanging one gift which is very different than last years limit of 10. We decided instead of spending a bunch of money on gifts we would rather put that money towards a trip. So we saved all of our extra gift cash, and booked a trip to Greece! I’m seriously so freakin excited about this trip because Greece is my dream! Not everyone can afford a large trip as a gift but it’s a good alternative if you prefer travel to gifts. It’s something to talk to your spouse about anyway! 

No matter the size of your wallet or the amount of money in your bank account thoughtful gifts go a long way. Just remember this Christmas season that the best gift anyone can receive is from your heart. Don’t get too wrapped up in the commercialization, and stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas. Happy holidays and hope you enjoyed this read! Until next time

Stefani Nicole 

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