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So first I feel the need to share a little disclaimer because of all the “Christmas should be celebrated only after thanksgiving” haters. I personally have decided that if Disneyland is allowed to decorate for for Christmas on November 1st then so am I. So that being said, Cheers to the happiest place on earth for clearing that all up for us! 

Merging two lives, styles, and even holiday decor can be tricky. Something that means a whole heck of a lot to one person can mean next to nothing to another. Thankfully my husband and I were pretty much on the same page when it came to decorating the main tree. First off we used one of our wedding gift cards to buy a pre-lit 7 1/2 ft. tree from Target. It was just right for our tiny apartment... even if we would have preferred something much larger this was more practical. As someone who grew up with a sweet little tree where we had to put all of the branches on individually by size, and then after the tree was together we could apply lights. Let me tell ya our new tree  was a dreamy cake walk. It’s just in three pieces you clip them together plug in the lights to each other and then BOOM the tree is up in less than 5 min! Talk about painless. Three piece tree where have you been all my life?! It didn’t even cause me to break a sweat! MIRACLE! 

On to the decorating portion of the post!!! I LOVE DECORATING TREES but we didn’t want to spend a bunch of unnecessary money on new ornaments as we are newlyweds, and are currently saving for a home. We knew we wanted a farmhouse themed tree so I started to look around the house to find a few odds, and ends that would work. First we used pincones from the yard which was FREE so that was a big win. I started looking through wedding and Christmas bins to find even more treasures. For those of you who don’t know, for our wedding I put together my bouquet from fake greenery. 

Pictured here: 

So I had Kelly (my husband not Kelly Clarkson) take all of the ribbon, pins and greenery apart. I started by randomly placing pieces of the greenery evenly throughout the tree. I took the ribbon from the bouquet, and had it just dangling down from top to bottom. We got sticks ( also free YAY NATURE) broke them up,then placed them throughout the tree.  We purchased a handful of fake wheat (dollar store) for some add ins as well as a handful of pine cones with red berry add ins for a splash of color! We used dried baby’s breath (from our wedding) as a filler and moss balls from the dollar tree floral section. We also bought a few wreaths from the dollar tree and just filled them in as needed. We had this cute FARMHOUSE sign we bought from amazon originally I was sad because it was much smaller than I thought it would be. However it ended up being the perfect size for a tree. I took some chunky Christmas decorations from past years and placed them throughout to fill up the center. The tree was really starting to come together at this point which always makes me super excited! 

A few final touches we used was a super cute Santa ornament we bought at the dollar store, a thin garland we bought from the dollar section at target, and then of course last but certainly not least the stars! Yes you heard me stars plural!  The star on top is a star I bought at the end of the holiday season last year at Ross. The star I’m really referencing is a cute stick star my husband made. He used sticks, hot glue, and sweet skills! It was a fun addition to a homemade farmhouse tree. We were super proud of how it turned out. We didn’t really have to spend much money at all to get the look we wanted and we don’t feel like we compromised with the quality.  I’ll share a few pictures below then in a few days I’ll update all of our decor on my design page so stay tuned! 

Whether you chose to decorate now, you decorated months ago or you won’t be decorating until December I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for all of your continued support! Happy holidays. Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away! Can you believe it? Thanks for reading, until next time. 

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