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GUYYYYSSSSS, I have been pretty excited to share this with you. I had the pleasure of working with Kervology this last little while. They have been so amazing, and fun to work with. A few months ago my husband, Kelly found their boutique on Instagram. He bought me a few things for my birthday, and when I opened the darling package I was immediately in love with the quality, and fit of the clothes! Angie and Lindsey (the owners of Kervology) write a cute little handwritten note, and send it off with your order. I loved how personable they were! 

Fast forward to a pop up event they held at Lindsey’s House. I obviously HAD to go because I really wanted to see what else they had. I especially wanted to look around and see what types of things I could share with you guys about their brand! When I arrived I was greeted with the warmest welcome, and felt like we became fast friends. I loved them just as much as I loved their clothes! At the pop up event we got a sneak peak of some of Kervology’s Holiday line , and I got even more pumped for the Christmas season. 

Lindsey and Angie were in the works of putting together a photo shoot to highlight the holiday collection. They asked if I was interested in modeling for them, and I jumped at the chance because I LOVE wearing their clothes. Last week I was able to participate in the holiday shoot with some really fun and amazing people. We got together, got our Hair + makeup done by the fabulous and talented sister duo Justina & Emily . Justina does Hair, while Emily does the makeup. I felt like a queen! The photo shoot itself was so much fun! We danced we laughed, and we had the best of time! The photographer was incredible, and so easy to work with. We even got to be in a fancy studio! 

Now to get to the whole point of this post  .... Well there are several points! First off if you’re in the market for the perfect holiday outfit, and you wear a 1x-4x then look no further than Kervology. This is not a sponsored post so when I share about them it’s because I genuinely stand behind their brand! Their dresses, Shirts, jackets and skirts fit to size, and I’m happy with the quality of all of the pieces I own. 

The second point of this post is to share about Emily and Justina. They are just getting started with their business Feel Beautiful , and I’m super excited for them in this adventure! I know they will be successful! They seriously know their stuff and have so much fun doing it.  They’re so much fun and so talented. This sassy duo has all the talent you need to get you ready for your wedding, senior pictures, and really any other occasion! It was so cool to work with them! You can find them on Instagram to book, and I’ll put a link here . Trust me you won’t be disappointed. (This is also not sponsored. They’re just really talented so I wanted to share) 

Below I’m going to share some of the pictures from Kervology’s holiday collection featuring yours truly in my modeling debut. 😉For you curvy gals, I hope you find something you truly love that makes you feel like the goddess you are! For the rest of you lovely people thanks for reading & for all of your support! Until next time! 

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