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Hey gang! First off I want to thank you all for your amazing support! I appreciate your feedback, and love hearing from you in your comments, emails, texts, etc. I’ve been wanting to share some DIY projects on here for awhile, but I’m kinda the worst at documenting each step of what I’m doing. So for my own future reference I’m going to try really hard to do better so I can share! 

Today on the blog I’m going to share a simple transformation my husband, and I made on the cutest little hutch I ever did see. Well, it’s not little but it’s cute. We inherited this hutch from my husbands side of the family. His Grandpa made it with his own two hands. He put every thought into making every detail practically perfect in every way. Kelly’s childhood memories consist of going to Grandma and Grandpas house with the hutch there. Inside of those sturdy doors was always Grandmas candy bowl. Classic grandparent move, am I right? It’s enough to melt my heart! I LOVE pieces that hold so much meaning don’t you?! (You better believe we have our very own candy bowl dish inside now) He made this baby to last so we didn’t want to completely change it. 

One day while my husband was at work I got motivated to try and get the glass out from the doors. The glass was this retro textured orange/brown color. (pictured below) As much as I love retro it had to go! Now remember earlier when I said Grandpa Ladd made this thing to last? Yeah, well that glass was SUPER DUPER secure! I think it had several different pastes, glues, and seals on it. I had to use a blade to loosen it but with patience, and perserverence, plus serveral long hrs the glass FINALLY let loose! (Side note when removing glass wear super good shoes and protective gloves) lets just say I was really lucky that when the second glass door broke into two in my hands, and glass shards fell onto my bare feet it could have turned out to be a lot worse. You live and you learn right? 

Anyway, as much as a love a good rustic/farmhouse hutch my husband and I discussed it and we decided to keep the wood the same color as to not compromise the integrity of the hutch. Instead I found this brick wall paper for the inside of the hutch at The Home Depot. It’s got a greyish hue to it and we decided it was the perfect touch to help tie this lovely piece in with the rest of our furniture. 

The actual application of the wallpaper wasn’t easy folks! It was hard working it into a small space, and trying to get it even enough to line up to each piece. We had to take it down and redo it several times. Overall once we finished the application part we LOVED how it turned out. 

Instead of replacing the glass on the hutch we decided to use chicken wire to give it that farmhouse look we both love. Idea credit goes out to my Mamma! We found a great price for the wire on amazon. (We decided to order more than we needed for future projects) We used a staple gun and wire cutter for tools and a hammer to make sure the staples were as close to the wood as possible. I’m sure one person could do this part but for us it was a two man job! The chicken wire once cut, cuts back! Seriously, OUCH. It’s very sharp. I held it up to the door, cut it to size, and my husband stapled his little heart out. 

After it was stapled up and felt completely secured to the wood, I did some last min. finishing touches with the wire cutter to make sure everything looked just right. Boom, and just like that we had our simply transformed hutch. As far as changing the fixtures goes that will come with time, but for now we love our little family heirloom. 

We showed Grandpa Ladd the changes we had made and he was just tickled that we had the hutch. He said well isn’t this alright! (I’m sure alright it this case means he approves) The fact that there was chicken wire instead of glass confused him a bit but, when he was looking it over you could tell the pride he had put into that piece. It’s an honor for Kelly and I to have it, and we look forward to many more memories with that well loved hutch. Anyway, thanks for reading. Until next time. Make sure to subscribe to be the first to know when there is a new post! Love you all xoxo 

Stefani Nicole. 

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