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Brassiere shopping

Today on the blog I’m talking about something that most women maybe can’t live without, but most of us would like to! BRAS!!! Bra shopping in my opinion has been the biggest headache most of my life. They aren't comfortable, they're expensive, some of them are painful with the wire poking and prodding in different parts of your chest. Typically when I go bra shopping I can only find one or two bras at a store at a time, and I have to go bra shopping every 3 months because my bras break so quickly! Honestly It's just not been an enjoyable experience. When I was younger Up until recently I bought my bras at a place called the VF factory outlet, and for years it worked! I didn't always get the right size, but it was always better than what I had to so we bought most of my bras there, but a couple years ago it went out of business, and I had to find a new place to get bras so I would sometimes buy bras at Ross. They were cheaper, but they didn't always fit me the best. For example, they didn't give me the coverage I wanted or sometimes it was too loose on my back, and not tight enough for on my shoulders. Overall I was always tugging, and pulling on my fast forward to now I was in desperate need of a good bra, and I was talking to my sister-in-law when she told me about her bra shopping experience at a place called Lace by Louise, once I decided that I needed to get a new bra the only thing I needed to do was figure out a time I could go. I was planning on spending a few hrs trying on bras at Lace by Louise (because that’s what past experience taught me I needed) but I walked in and the lady at the desk stood up and said “how can I help you”? I said I'm here to buy a bra and she said “you came to the right place”. She took me back remeasured me within two minutes had three bras for me to try on, and within a total of 10 minutes of being in the store I had three bras that were very comfortable! They fit me perfectly, gave me the coverage I wanted, and It was painless! Their customer service was excellent, and I will probably go there for the rest of my life, because of how incredible experience was. The price was right and I’ve been very happy with them all. I was also able to buy soap for my bras so that I can hand wash them it gives you instructions on how much to use and everything. Apparently it lengthens the life of your bras to hand wash them. (Something I didn’t know before) I have really loved the bras that I bought they put my girls right where they should be, and there is no stress that when it's time to buy a new bra I know right where to go and I know it'll be a pleasant experience. Happy bra shopping! Thanks for reading!!  

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