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Happy Fall Y'all

Hey All! Its FALL! This crisp air has me dreaming of sipping cider, and crunching leaves under my boots. Im loving the cooler weather, It has been so dreamy. I hope this fall lasts all year long, because I'm just not ready for winter. Like ever. This year I went all out with the fall decor. Kelly (my husband) and I had a few days where we were stuck at home after we came home from the hospital. He was under strict instructions to rest. I was going crazy being inside day after day, and needed to do something to pass the time while my hubby slept. I went to the Dollar Tree, and picked up a few of those tacky orange foam pumpkins, some wreaths, plant fillers, and a few other odds and ends. When I brought them home I used cream colored spray paint, and sprayed several of the pumpkins. I picked up a few other fall decor items from Targets $1-$5 bins. Im pretty sure all together I spent about $100, but that was starting from scratch. I bought about 25 pumpkins, several pinecone garlands, and other odds and ends at a local thrift store. Our apartment is decked with fall colors, smells, and Autumns essentials. Today Im going to specifically be focusing on how to design the perfect fall mantle. I honestly moved things around a million times before I got it right. I looked at a bunch of pictures on Pinterest under farmhouse fall decor and went from there. I used several different sizes of pumpkins and spaced out the colors. I didn't want all of the orange together or white together etc. I even went as far to break up the sizing. My husband bought some pumpkins on sticks at Hobby Lobby last year at the end of the fall season, and I used those as fillers. After I got the first layer on the mantle I decided I really liked the stacked pumpkin look. I started stacking the smaller pumpkins on top. To give the mantle design more dynamics I placed the pumpkins on a stick on their side. I used some Wheat flower fillers from the dollar tree and put them in a vase on the side with some dried baby's breath we had leftover from our wedding. The wreath I bought at the Dollar Tree, but then added a spray painted pumpkin on a stick and some dried flowers. It was fun to have little projects to do. More DIY project blog posts to follow. If you have any questions please let me know! I'd also love to see what you did for your fall decor! If you want to see more pictures of Our little apartment check out my design page. Until next time! Thanks for reading.

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