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Falling for fall

Fall is in the air and the temperature here in Utah is dropping quickly. I love how the leaves have been hanging on for dear life because I’m NOT ready for winter. I do however love watching one season take over another. I feel like there is always a slight mourning period when temperatures shift and then the world comes to life again with it’s beautiful colors .

Although I’m not a fan of winter there isn’t anything quite like a fresh snowfall. The mountains here in Utah seem even taller and more majestic with that white powdery goodness on top. Spring brings the most beautiful vibrant birth of leaves and blossoms, birds find their way back home and everyone prepares for the adventurous lush green summer ahead.

But fall. Fall has this girl’s heart. So many beautiful colors all at once and complimenting eachother so perfectly. I cant help but feel that fall was made just for me. (Okay it was made for you too) Fall fashion, layers, booties, bold prints, hats, and warm tones give me all the feels. I especially love mixing patterns.

Below are some pictures of some of my favorite fall trends this season. Corduroy is such a fun texture to bring to any look in this specific look I have it on my hat and on my shoes. Such a fun trend that has come back into style. Another is matching colors but mixing prints. I love pulling colors from prints to make a look flow. It almost feels like anything goes. Basically if you want to try this trend you should. Break the “rules” and put your own twist on trends to make them specific to your style. Last but not least in this look I wore a bold accessory to being a pop of color out that wasn’t necessarily in the rest of my outfit. I did this to balance out when I added the coat. 3 different patterns can seem like a bit much but I genuinely feel like if you can get the color scheme to flow you can make any look you’re going for work!

Hope you enjoyed this breakdown of one of my favorite fall looks stay tuned for more to come! Happy fall babes.

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