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Austin/San Antonio

YOU GUYS!! Texas was so much fun! Austin especially had so much to do and so much rich culture. The food was yum and the fun buildings were the icing on the cake. I could sit and stare at the architecture all day!! I loved the small shops in Downtown Austin and meeting the local shop owners. So much talent. There were cute candy shops, jewelry, sunglasses clothing boutiques and so much more! If you're looking for something fun to do seriously just go for a walk and you'll have entertainment shopping on the same street for hrs. We also took a short road trip to Waco, TX to see MAGNOLIA it was AMAZING. Honestly it was hot as heck but worth all the sweat I lost. It was seriously so magical seeing all the creativity of the team there and the farmhouse inspiration was off the chain! I loved being able to see it all and be there in person. The food trucks were delicious and the town itself was adorable. Well worth the drive to the middle of nowhere. We also went to San Antonio for a day and it was so fun to be back there. I hadn't been since I was 16 and it was so fun to be there and see it with Kelly. We did a boat tour through the river walk and had a great time with friends. We delighted in some Voodoo doughnuts and ate the most delicious Indian food! Austin has a very young population so it was full of night life. (not so much our scene) but it just means there is a lot to do if that is your scene. Either way its a place well worth going. What state should we explore next? let me know in the comments below!

xoxo Stefani Nicole

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