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It’s okay to take up space

Hey friends! Hope you’re having a happy weekend! I’ve had so much on my mind when it comes to this post and I hope im able to articulate all of my thoughts.

I read somewhere the other day the line “it’s okay to take up space” it’s been a phrase

That has been stuck in my head ever since I read it. One of the biggest disservice’s we can do to ourselves is to not know or understand how truly amazing we are. The space we take up in this world fills voids for others. Some people are born to be great friends, others born leaders, some are talented at making others feel listened to or heard. We all have such amazing gifts and we are all so different. Physical appearance is just one of those things we have. It doesn’t define us. We are so much more than the way we look.

Although the media at times may try to convince us that we’re to tall, to thin, we aren’t thin enough, our eyebrows are bushy, we shouldn’t have cellulite or that we should weigh a certain weight on the scale. The bottom line is that it’s okay to take up space. There is enough space for everything that you are, everything that you do, both your Mistakes and your successes. You are a blessing to this world, and this world has plenty of room for the amazing you!

Growing up I often felt like I was to much. To tall, to fat, to loud, to emotional. My youth was spent on every new diet possible and I felt like my weight defined me. I felt like my worth was directly related to the number I saw on the scale. In my early 20’s I was the biggest I’d ever been and I was more unhappy than ever. I thought if I could just get the perfect body I would be happy with my life.

For months on end I had the same dream where I would wake up, look in the mirror and unzip a fat suit. I’d look at myself and I saw the same person that I had always seen. It was me! When I walked out of my room everyone who saw me kept commenting “wow you look so amazing” or “what did you do? You look so great” my response every time was this is who I’ve always been! At the time I thought those dreams were trying to tell me that If I lost weight it would bring me happiness. Looking back now I have come to realize that if I’m not happy with myself now. Including everything.... all the good the bad, the ugly... how am I going to be happy then? Learning to love yourself is the most important journey. I’ve had people say that celebrating myself is telling others that obesity is okay and that I shouldn’t put myself out there as someone to look up to. The bottom line is that everyone deserves to be celebrated. It’s okay to take up space. There is enough room in this world for you to shine and the goodness in people far outweigh our imperfections.

This was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to do a photo shoot with bodies of all different shapes and sizes. I spoke to so many women who were so excited to collaborate and they all had their own story.

The responses I got included some of the following. “I’ve been made fun of my whole life for being to skiny” - “I struggle with an eating disorder and have never loved the way I look” - “My stretch marks make me insecure” - “I never have felt comfortable in my own skin” - “my body is foreign to me now after having kids” So many stories, struggles, and insecurities. I wanted to create a safe space where women could come together and for once not feel like they needed to compare themselves to each other. I wanted to create a place where we could all be in a swimming suit. Without thinking about what we aren’t or what we don’t have but rather think about how amazing we are and what we do have! To be able to laugh, swim, smile and drown out the things we’ve been taught and even the things we’ve said to ourselves when we thought nobody else was listening.

That is why I decided I needed to work with other boss babes and come together to celebrate ourselves. I was able to rub shoulders with some incredible women. We have all been told or maybe even felt like at one point we weren’t enough. Slowly but surely we are changing that voice in our head. The voice that the world has been telling us. We are raising generations who hopefully will know, they are exactly enough the way they are. We are women. We are proud, and we are strong!

I wish you could have all been there.

As the night went on I noticed the quiet confidence that came as we realized that as women we are all so different but that is what makes us perfect and we seriously HAVE SO MUCH TO BE PROUD OF.

It takes a village, being comfortable with who you are is definitely a journey! I feel SO BLESSED to have women like you around me, fixing my crown and helping me see that we have a lot to be thankful for.

A big thanks to all the amazing women that made this shoot possible. I especially wanted to say that you to @Limericki for donating all of the swimsuits. It’s amazing what you guys are doing

For the confidence of women everywhere. I love that women of so many different sizes can enjoy the same styles and feel united in their most vulnerable state. It’s really special to know that companies are working on being more inclusive because when it comes down to it our

Hearts want mostly this same thing. To feel included. Below I’ve listed the amazing ladies that participated in the shoot. Thank you for being you! Just know in my world you can take up as much space as you’d like.

  1. Kaylynn Young @amoungtheyoungs

  2. Mindie Packer @astylishcloset

  3. Krychele Velenzuela @carnationsandlace

  4. Justina Afemata @itsjust_stina

  5. Shauna Robertson @chicover50

  6. Natashia McLean @canary_jane

  7. Lily Higgins @notthatcoolmom

  8. Lauren Elizabeth @hellowhimzy

  9. Jessica Harston @jharstonred

  10. Paige Wolfgramm @mrswolfgramm

  11. Brittany Collins @brittaca

  12. Francia Benson @vagabondbrunette

  13. Robyn Jones @robynmeacham

  14. Melissa Thomas @melissalynettethomas

Photographer Lauren Broadhead

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