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Stitch Fix

Hey friends! I wanted to hop on here today to share with you all a bit about my experience using Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that you can have come as often or as little as you'd like. If you love the items you can keep them and if you get something in your fix you're not in love with there is no harm, you just send it back in the pre packaged mail bag they send you in your fix. Its as easy as that! The process to getting my fix was just as easy and simple because all I had to fill out was a profile about my own preferences. (which is good cause I know what I like) If you're wanting to be more adventures or try new things there is a place where you can tell your stylist. I selected which groups of clothing I was drawn to and which ones weren't my favorite. There was also a section that talked about how you like certain clothes fitting you! I told them I like my jeans skinny and my shirts loose! Next I shared a Pinterest board I had made for my trip with certain styles that I like, and what looks I was trying to echo for my trip! This collaboration occurred during my trip to Denver so I wanted it to be fun and sorta Taylor Swift inspired. I wanted Flirty pieces with pops of color. My personal stylist hit my style on the head, and I felt great in each of the pieces she picked for me. Even more importantly each piece fit me perfectly. It was so nice not having to really even think about what I was bringing on my trip. It made packing so much easier, and they even sent me ideas on what I could pair each item with! It was the most simple packing session ever! Thanks Stitch fix for making my weekend colorful and stylish! It was the perfect weekend fix! If you have somewhere you're going and you want your packing to be stress free click here to get your very own fix!

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