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Short Lena x Lane Bryant

Hello friend! Thank you for stopping by! So glad you’re here. This blog post is sponsored by Lane Bryant however, all opinions are my own. Thanks for reading and If you have any questions please drop me a comment below.

Summer is nearing an end, but the weather here in Utah is still pretty warm so you better believe I will be living in dresses until the cold weather takes over. (Okay you caught me even when its freezing cold I’ll be sporting my dress collection because your girl LOVES her dresses) Now I've just got to plot what layers will best compliment my newest dress.

The Short Lena dress is going to be pretty no matter how I end up styling it. It’s such a good simple piece that I can chose to layer or wear it more simplified (as pictured) & Because it’s such a good base piece I can wear it year round. I love the light rose color and the shape of this dress. It compliments my figure and my personal opinion is that this dress & look is timeless. I love that I can dress it up for church or dress it down for a family day or GNO.

I styled this dress with Mixed-Fabric Ankle-Strap Heel that has some snake print & a light pink strap. I chose a thick hoop earring as a statement piece that would compliment the dress and the shoes. color: PANTONE Dusty Pink since I'm not a huge all day heels person I would most likely just wear the look pictured for Church. (2 hrs) because although I love the way heels look my body would never forgive me if I wore them for more than a few Hrs.

I’ve said it before many times and I’ll say it again. I have been shopping at Lane Bryant for years now & as a young girl it was one of the only stores that I felt had good quality clothes that fit my shape. I am so happy that early on in my life they provided a place that allowed me to have options & helped shape my personal unique style.

To be working with Lane Bryant now as an adult just feels like a total dream that has come true!

Now for a few more details about the look:

The Lena comes in two colors. White and Rose cloud. I love the tie around the waist it adds the prettiest feminine touch without trying too hard. I wanted to add some fun trends that are super in right now & that’s is where the Hoop earring & snake print come in! These accessories can go with so many things + this fit and flare dress paired with these trendy accessories has me feeling so Pretty in Pink.

Thanks so much for stopping by today & I hope you have a fabulous Labor Day weekend.

Xoxo Stefani Nicole

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