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Hey friend!

I have been loving seeing all the cute looks people have been putting together for spring transitioning to fall. I think one of the hardest things for most of the women I talk to is finding pieces that can translate from Work to night or  changing up a look to make it feel different. I decided to show one of my favorite dresses styled 3 different ways. I think it can be easy to get stuck in a rut with your wardrobe and wear the same things over and over again. I think sometimes that can cause overbuying or even the more obvious feelings of "I have nothing to wear" moment I'm sure we can all relate to. 

Below are pictured me wearing the same dress styled for 3 different occasions. 1st. This is a look I have personally worn to work. It's a fun professional style and is easily made professional with a blazer. Dresses already carry such a professional look to them but adding the blazer just kicked it up a notch. 

This is SUCH a fun look. I paired the dress with a white ruffled top that I tied on my waist to accentuate my hourglass figure. It makes the dress perfect for a summer wedding, a garden party, or all those bridal and baby showers you may be attending this time of year. 

Last but not least the dress in this look acts as a skirt. I put an edgy t-shirt over the top and tied it at the waist again. I paired this look with white slides and I love how this look can be for a date night to the movies, running errands, lunch with your girlfriends, or a cute look for shopping. This dress is so fun to wear different ways and I love being creative to find new ways to wear it. Tell me below how you think you would style this dress? 


Stefani Nicole

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