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Hey babes! I am NOT a gym buff. SURPRISE. I do however like to workout at home or go on walks. When I do workout though I have to find really supportive bras especially If I do anything that is high intensity. I played soccer growing up and I used to have to wear 4 sports bras to tame my chest. Sometimes my chest and back would be in pain after a game or a hard practice so now as an adult I really try to find good supportive bras that are made for high intensity workouts. If you have the same issue I've linked a few of them below!

Dial in style and support in our full-coverage sports bra, built with breathable mesh inserts, wide adjustable straps, removable cups and an easy on-and-off zip closure in front.

Look cute and kick butt in our supportive high-waisted PowerHold leggings, featuring a stylish wraparound design at the ankle.

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