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Post the bad ones

Hey there! I have been thinking about this for quite some time and I'm super excited about this post. I feel like social media has become a space that we have all grown to love and also hate. Depending on the day social media can bring us any kinds of emotions spanning from happy, sad, anger, laughter, joy, pain, etc. It's hard to relate to most post coming from "Content creaters" mostly because they can edit photos better than your average joe, travel all over the world to get killer shots while the rest of us are doing day to day tasks like the grocery store and cleaning up the mess that is our home.

It's not natural for us to post pictures of us crying, or when we are in a fight, or talk about the hard days, or even share the bloopers during a shoot. I think that's why I'm so excited about this. I want to start sharing with you all about my day. The normal, regular, average days. Some days I get ready, some I don't. Doing "photo shoots" is very much a regular part of my week but I also really ache to share with you the messy bun, casual looks that maybe aren't the most put together looks but I feel like they're the most relatable. What do you think? Are you game? I'm going to start using the hashtag #postthebadones not because the photos are bad but they're going to be quirky. The ones with my eyes closed, maybe blurry. WHY? I want to be more relatable because I'm a normal human just like you and I want that to share the imperfect moments with you. Lets do this! Below I'm sharing some photos that maybe wouldn't have made the cut before but there are no rules now! Enjoy!


Stefani Nicole


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