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how a quality my wife developed, opened up my heart

Hi everyone, Kelly here. Thanks for letting me stop by SN to share something that has been on my mind since the day I met my beautiful wife.  I can’t wait to share it with you and this is my first official blog post and there is no better place than to share it here on SN. I’ll try not to get to sappy but that usually gets pretty hard when talking about my Curvy Queen.

Some of you may know this already and some might not…  but me and my wife actually met on a dating app, (we actually laugh at this now because that was so not our jam), but we’re so grateful for it because…. who knew that swiping right could be the best thing that we ever did?

The Picture That Changed My Life

The moment I saw a picture of Stefani, I was BLOWN away by the

confidence she radiated!

It was not her beautiful brown eyes, her perfect shape, her sense of style…it was her confident presence and how she made me feel. That’s right… her confidence made me feel something.  I wanted to know more, I was hooked, and it literally was the most attractive thing I have ever seen. I never really knew my type… but, her confident outlook on life was exactly what my heart was searching for.  

Here is the picture that started it all.   

the picture that started it all

Seriously, who makes eating take out sushi look so good!? Oh yeah… my wife does!

A Journey Of Self Love

I know that Stefani has had a lot of moments/people/readers like you in her life that have guided her into the confident self-loving person that she is today. I feel it’s definitely a journey, not a destination and something that takes work. I am so lucky that my wife took the time to grown into the women she is today because all those little growing moments created something … they created the women that I fell in love with. They created my wife!

I wanted to write this blog post to not only to tell my wife thank you for being true to yourself and #embraceyourbase but for anyone that may be a little outside the “norm” (seriously… what does that even mean?)  

This post is for you! to let you know that you are beautiful! Your little quirks, your confident journey through life, your insecurities and big personality are what makes you, you! They might just be the thing that allows a heart to open up, and be the thing that changes someone’s life forever. So…. Thank you, thank you, thank you for never giving up on yourself and showing us guys what a full life can feel like!

I love you Stefani Nicole, thanks for helping me see things in color and helping me start  my own self confident journey! 

Thank you for reading and all your support!


also, this...holy cow..

i remember looking at this photo and thinking to myself, I need to get to know this girl

and this, who makes walking up stairs look this beautiful?

our first picture that made her instagram cut

the day I knew I just fell in love

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