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Denver in a day

Hey friends! My husband and I spent a wonderful weekend in Denver, Colorado so I thought I’d jump on here and share a few yummy places to eat and fun things to do if you’re ever there! 1. Jelly - the cutest vibe at this diner they have framed old cereal boxes and are known for their yummy donut bites. They had the yummiest flavor and the food was delish! Plus the neighborhoods around are filled with the most charming homes with the most beautiful shade trees! 2. Downtown Denver - filled with the prettiest shops and there was even a crepe shop! It was so cute. We were here dying a festival called A day of Rock so the streets were super busy but I’d imagine on a regular weekend it would be the perfect street to stroll down with great shade trees and of course we had to stop at Ross! 3. The cutest street in all the land in my opinion was in downtown Denver. It had cute little restaurants, charming buildings, flags and lights strung across the street we almost got hit by a car trying to take a picture there but it was well worth it! 4. Old Chicago took us back in time. They had great pizza Chicago style and the yummiest pasta! Seriously obsessed with it! The slices are buttery and huge + the pasta was creamy and delicious! 5. I highly suggest taking time to drive around the neighborhoods because for real I had no idea how charming they would be. Some of the streets had vintage mansions. I could have spend hrs walking around staring at other people’s homes. (Creepy I know) We didn’t do a whole lot but what we did get to do we loved! If you have any specific questions please feel free to ask away! Happy Sunday!

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