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Hey y’all! Hope all is well! This year is off to a great start and I’m working really hard on sticking to my goals. I’m not perfect at reaching my goals, but I’m really good at getting back up again and trying hard. Today I wanted to share with you some inspiring body positive accounts I follow. They make me think, and force me to come to terms with my own issues. Even if I want to pretend everything is good. It’s not always easy to be real. It’s much easier to slap on some makeup, curl your hair and pretend everything is okay. It’s important though to be able to talk about your insecurities and find a safe space to voice them, but also work twords ridding yourself of negative thoughts about yourself. These woman bring laughter, fashion, and share real feelings which I love. For me Instagram is my safe space. All of your support and kind words help me make progress each day twords my body positivity journey. Social media is amazing because it brings together thousands of people throughout the on the world on the same journey. Here are a few of my favorite accounts.

In one of her recent posts she said “....I tried because I don’t want to wake up many years from now thinking I missed out...”

I loved this post. It spoke to me. I choose not to do many things because of my weight. I do push myself to other things that make me uncomfortable but mostly I hold myself back from things I think I’d really enjoy. She inspires me to change that. Push past the uncomfortable moments to create a life I deserve.

This plus size bombshell makes me LAUGH! She’s playful with her captions and her colorful high fashion wardrobe inspires my mind to look outside the box of what you can and can’t wear.

This gorgeous fashionista keeps it real. Recently she posted about resolutions and how “There is nothing magical about January 1st if you’ve already messed up or haven’t even gotten started on your 2018 goals you still have the same potential for success.” She then goes on to say how she’s still working on her 2017 goals which I love because I feel like that’s super relatable.

If you’re on your own body positivity journey you should check these ladies out. Their feeds are pretty to look at and inspiring. I’ve turned their Instagram handles into a link so just click on them to be lead to their blogs or you can just go look at their pretty picks on Instagram. Let me know what you think of them in the comments below! Thanks for reading.

Stefani Nicole

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