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Hello y’all! The holidays are in full swing, and I’m all smiles over here! Driving around seeing lights and Christmas trees popping up In everyone’s windows makes my heart feel so full. 🎄Celebrating Thanksgiving this last week gave me time to really reflect, and take time to appreciate all of the blessings God has given me. Listening to family members both young, and old talk about holidays of past gives me all of the warm fuzzy feelings. There is something really special about reflecting and recalling special memories made with the ones we love.

One thing I am realizing the older I get is that I don’t really remember many specifics of the gifts I received as a child, but I remember special moments I had with my family. I hold these memories near and dear to my heart. The moments we spent together serving others, Christmas caroling, doing the Twelve Days of Christmas, and dressing up like the people on the Nativity as my Father read the story of Christ’s birth, and we sat quietly listening, reinacting our parts.

This year when we celebrated Christmas with my husbands side his parents (my lovely in laws) gave us a calendar from our Church ( The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ) of the 25 days of service. Each day gives a few ideas of what we can do to serve others throughout the month. Some of the ideas take more time and thought others are simple and can be completed more quickly. The program is called LIGHT THE WORLD . Here is the message:

“During Christmas, we are reminded that Jesus Christ is the light of the world. This year, we have an amazing opportunity to share that light by resolving to do the things Jesus Christ did. Everyday leading up to Christmas, we will focus on a different Christlike behavior and provide suggestions for ways we can emulate His example. You’re encouraged to participate using the outline below as you plan your Christmas activities.”

This year I want to make this Light the world with 25 days of service a staple tradition in our family. It’s the perfect way to really focus on the true meaning of Christmas without getting wrapped up in the commercialization of the season. What are some of your favorite family traditions? What do you remember that makes you happiest about the holidays? Comment below to share!

If you want to have a really cute advent calendar there is some really cute ones on Etsy. I’ll put the link here . Or you can print the free version the church offers. (That’s what I have)

I’ll put a link to that one here .

I’ll put a copy of it down below so you can reference it if you don’t want to print it. I’d love for you guys to join me in this Light the world with 25 days of service. I’d love to hear about the things you decided to do or ways your service to others has helped you! Can’t wait to hear all about your amazing December. Happy holidays friends. Until next time loves! 🎄

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