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Happy August!

just wanted to touch base and share some exciting news. We FINALLY have moved into our new house & have started decorating. We are going to start doing a room by room reveal soon & I think we will start at the beginning with the entryway. Before I start sharing the house I just wanted to share a recap of the last few weeks. We sold our condo to a sweet couple & stayed with my In-laws in the interim. We closed on our house on August 14th and have been slowing unpacking & putting our house together. Our puppy, Albus is loving our yard & we officially got internet installed yesterday. The last few months we have been purchasing new things for our home, enjoying time with family, and of course hanging out mostly in our house because of quarantine.

Our couch, refrigerator, and washer/dryer will be delivered next week & we cant wait to start sharing. We are also celebrating Kelly's birthday this week so its a big month for us. Hope all is well with you! Stay tuned & make sure to subscribe so you wont miss any fun updates on the house.

Talk soon!

xoxo, Stefani

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