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27 Dresses

Ross Dress for less. Pretty in Pink

Hey gang! First off, I’m so sorry it took so long to get this blog post up! I started a new job this week and life got a tad busy! I’ve individually linked where I bought each of these lovely dresses. 

Many of the dresses I’ve purchased I’ve had for several years so with some of them I did my best to find similar dresses/styles and tagged their websites. Others I couldn’t find a similar dress but tagged the store anyway. Sometimes they have similar styles in store. Like for example... Ross doesn’t do online for clothing but in stores you can find similar dress styles.

All of our  body types are so different it’s important to figure out what dress type works for you! For me I love dresses that accentuate my waist. It gives my body more of a shape! So I love ties near my waist or anything with an empire waist!!! It makes me feel VAvaVoom!!! 😘😍 

Another thing I look for in a dress is a good length. I’m taller than the average chicka so some “dresses” look more like shirts on me. I like to find dresses that have a good length reaching past my knee so when I’m sitting down I don’t feel like I can’t move for fear of showing my personals. 

Another thing I look for is moveable fabric. I NEED to be comfy. Especially if I’m going to wear a dress past the 3 hrs on Sunday. I want the fabric to move, I want the length long and I want it soft! I love stretchy fabrics and especially if they have pockets! Most of the 27 dresses featured are stretchy if not it’s saving grace is typically pockets! 

Anyway, I hope this post was helpful. I get lots of questions from friends and others I run into about where I get my dresses. If you have specific questions about anything else message me! I’d love to chat!! Thanks for all your support, and thanks for reading!!!! 

Mod Cloth

Old Navy
Amazon Plus

Made by my mother designed by yours truly

Thrift find

One of My favorites. I bought several colors

Red white and blue floral!

Ross dress for less (no longer available)

Thrift find

Amazon Plus


Thrift Store (not exact dress but similar style)

Forever 21 Plus (I bought this so long ago so here is a similar dress style..I wear dress extenders with my dresses from this store)

Comfy black dress (I got this dress in China but I linked a similar dress)

Thrift store dress. (linked a similar dress)

WISH (I bought one in every color)

Ross Dress for less ( this dress is no longer available)

Ross dress for less

H&M (no longer sold found similar dress)

Thrift store find

Ross dress for less

Ross dress for less (tagged similar dress)

Ross dress for less

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