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Hello, Its Me

Hello All! Im Stefani Nicole, and Im super excited about my blog. Not just because I think I have great ideas, but mostly because Im hoping this creates a sense of community where we can share, grow, and learn together. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to start this blog is because I regularly hear things like "I wish I could decorate my house like 'that' but I don't have the time or money" or "you always look so cute I could never come to work looking that put together, where did you get your ___________" or "how do you do your makeup like that it must take hrs.( Im lucky if I apply makeup at all)." and last but not least. " Your hair is so pretty how did you do that style?" Now I know some of you are probably thinking to yourself ....why on earth would we take advice from you, Stef....You aren't a makeup professional, you're not an interior designer, you aren't a fashion expert, and you don't do hair professionally so what gives. LISTEN HERE LADIES. We have more in common than you think. :) Im an average woman with a love for helping other women feel confident in what they wear, and how they decorate. I am here to help you conquer the world with the "rockstar 5 min makeup look" or the "2 min hairdo" (Blog posts to follow). I feel passionate about the information I have to share. I'm so excited to collaborate and see what types of things we come up with. We all deserve the opportunity to live the lifestyle we always wanted even on a shoe string budget. Im hoping we can all band together to get our homes magazine ready, find tips on how to bring that perfect look together, share ideas on how to do your make up in 5 minutes BUT more importantly feel like that confident Goddess that we all are. Thanks for reading!

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