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Im no Brazilian, butt....

Hey all! Many of you have asked so here it is.Today on the blog we are learning all about a Brazilian Wax. I'm here to give you all the hairy details! Hopefully, I'll help you make a more educated decision. Just in case you ever decide you want to try it out. First, you need to know that getting a Brazilian is not for the faint of heart. I had my first Brazilian a few days before my wedding. I was so worried, because I heard there is a chance you can break out down there from the wax. But mostly I was worried because the thought of someone ripping my hair out with hot wax sounded like the worst idea ever, and yet I still went through with it. I was so SO nervous! My stomach was full of butterflies, my hands were sweaty, and my thoughts were racing!All I knew was that a stranger was about to see my lady bits, and I wasn't exactly thrilled about it. But before I continue I have a MAJOR PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT ..... being nervous, and just knowing that its going to be super painful in no way will prepare you for the pain you will actually feel. So in order to prepare yourself as best you can before you go (If you end up deciding this is the route for you) you need to grow your hair out for at least 6 weeks. Some chicks can handle the growth process ...others cringe at the thought. If you don't think you can go 6 weeks without shaving THIS IS NOT THE THING FOR YOU. I repeat...this isn't the thing for you! Promise!! After you've got a good amount of growth, and you've set up your appointment the next step is to exfoliate a day or two before you go. You want to make sure to do this because exfoliating helps the wax grab the hair, however it can also leave your skin feeling more sensitive to pain so I would recommend using a washcloth for a light exfoliation on the day of your wax. DONT SCRUB TOO HARD. On the day of I took a Benadryl about 30 min before my appointment to help with swelling. When we got started I seriously wanted to scream out so many times it hurt so freakin bad. I stayed because I had pre paid for 3 appointments through groupon...and I'm so glad I did. I had a lot of "bleeders" which is basically where the root of the hair has been completely removed, and Its really good news, because It means hair will never grow back there again! I've been back for a wax 4 times now, and I'm to the point where Im not writhing in pain.There is so much less hair. I feel cleaner. Im always swimsuit ready (just in time for fall, y'all) and I LOVE that I don't have to worry about shaving. Its not a perfect fit for everyone, But if you have any interest in never having to shave ever again then this is the perfect thing for you! So, do you gals feel any closer to me now that you know all about the intimate details of my Brazilian? I hope so! Let me know if you have any more questions about this!! Thanks for reading!

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