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Dolphin Encounter

Hey all! Today on the blog Im going to be talking all about Honduras. I think it was my favorite port out of our 3 stops on this cruise. One of the biggest reasons I loved Honduras so much was because of how clean it was! When we arrived we weren't bombarded by the millions of people who are typically at ports as soon as you get off the ship trying to sell you something. We felt safe walking around. This port was full of cute touristy shops which we loved, and we were able to find some really cute nativities that were hand painted! (we get a nativity each place we visit along with a christmas ornament) I'd have to say though my favorite part of Honduras was our dolphin encounter. IT WAS SO AMAZING! We had our dolphin encounter at a place called Anthony's Key Resort. Our dolphins name was Maury, and She has lived in this resort her whole life. In fact her entire family lives at this resort with her. She has her kids, her mother, and grandparents all with her which I loved. You could tell the dolphins were loved and happy.The resort has 23 dolphins, and its just right off the ocean with an enclosed portion. Maury was a sassy dolphin with a bunch of personality. She liked to splash us, push us around, and do lots of neat tricks. We got to pet her and then take a few pictures. She loved showing off and she LOVED the fishy treats she got for following instructions. It seriously was like Disneyland being in the water with several of the dolphins swimming around us. Dolphins are such magical creatures in my opinion, and I was so fascinated with their intelligence. I was so thankful to have been able to go and do that. If you've never done a dolphin encounter before I HIGHLY recommend it. This was my second time doing one, and It was just as magical as the last. When we were all done with the dolphin encounter we went back to the little shops and walked around. We got cute little matching bracelets made that said Mr. and Mrs Kemp. We picked up some gelato at this cute little tiki hut, and sat next to these street performers while enjoyed our next few hrs soakin up the sun. It was the perfect weather, and the people were so pleasant. It was such a great stop! If Honduras isn't on your list of places to visit I think you should reconsider. You wont regret it! If you've been to Honduras already what was your favorite thing to do while you were there? Where have been your favorite places to travel to? For more pictures of our Honduras trip go to my Travel page! Well everyone, Until next time! Thanks for reading!

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